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Year 11 Psychology - Taste Experiments

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

The final week of Term 3 saw Year 11 Psychology students conducting various experiments on taste perception. Some students were unable to identify the difference between Coke and off-brand colas when blind-folded, thus highlighting the significance of perceptual set (packaging and familiarity with brands) in determining preferred taste.

Next up, students were tricked when presented with the same juice dyed different colours, stating they tasted differently. This emphasised the role of colour intensity when determining flavour.

Students investigated whether they were supertasters by counting the number of papillae (bumps) on their tongue. Students with <15 Papillae were considered non-tasters; 15-30 Papillae were normal tasters; 30+ Papillae were supertasters – more sensitive to certain bitter tastes.

Lastly, students were able to alter their taste buds using the miracle berry. By dissolving the miracle berry on their tongue, students perceived sour foods as sweet – lemons tasted like lemonade, hot sauce turned into a syrup flavour.

- Ms Ayesha Guido

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