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Year 11 Retreat

Wednesday, May 08, 2024

The Year 11 Retreat was held on Thursday 2nd of May and was facilitated by the Youth Mission Team on the topic of ‘Leadership’. Students were encouraged to recognise the gift of their own uniqueness, as it is through this gift that they can be effective leaders. In the second session of the retreat, students focused on how they can lead with integrity, regardless of the pressures that they may face. At the end of the retreat, students were given the opportunity for prayer, inviting Jesus to empower them to lead with compassion and justice through their words and actions. Thank you to the Youth Mission Team, the Year 11 staff involved on the day, and all the Year 11 students for their engagement throughout the day in all activities.

- Ms Natalie Saliba

    Student Reflections

    “The Year 11 Retreat was a great success. Fortunate enough to be guided through the day with the Youth Mission Team, the year 11’s participated in many activities that reflected faith or leadership attributes in some way. One significant activity was the ‘Stand Up’ game. Within this game, the cohort was divided into 4 groups that sat surrounding the 2 volunteers who were in the middle. The aim was for the volunteers to get all 4 groups standing. However, the groups were each secretly instructed a different command or action they were to stand to. Questions were asked, “Can you stand up?” Some groups stood, some however did not. Gestures were given, “Please stand up,” again some stood and some didn’t. Over time the volunteers were able to decipher the game and bring all 4 groups to stand. But it was the meaning of this game that peaked many interests. Sometimes the simple, “Please stand-up” won’t work for everyone as goes the same with the more ‘obvious’ choice in life. There may be instances, we as year 11’s encounter that require us to think deeper, in search of a more appropriate action that will appear to many groups rather than just one. Overall, the day was enjoyable and educative. The prayer ceremony last period was also memorable with students having the opportunity to head to the front of the classroom and write a special prayer to be placed in the prayer basket with other prayers written by their peers. Thank you teachers for a wonderful day.

    - Tahlya, 11C

      The Year 11 cohort had the opportunity to have The Youth Mission Team (Ymt) visit our school for a retreat on Thursday. It was a pleasurable time engaging with the activities set by the team volunteers to encourage teamwork and individual empowerment. Such activities consisted of a “rock, paper, scissors” royale where whoever won may acquire another student to join their team as a cheerleader. As more students won, eventually players swapped and acquired much larger groups of cheerleaders which eventually led to two major groups fighting for the top position. Moreover, The Year 11 students engaged in group activities discussing a variety of topics including the qualities of a good leader, how one could assist the community and others as an individual etc. In addition, I personally gave YMT volunteer named ‘Blaine’ a tour of the school and conversed with him, including the library and our outside facilities including the basketball court(s) and oval. In addition, we were introduced to the other volunteers in the Melbourne YMT team including James, Jacob, Blaine, Toby, Anthony, Christina, Maddison and Adil. At the end of the retreat, we listened to the heartfelt story of Maddison and were given an emotional performance depicting the story of a shattered person who would be saved by God from the troubles in their life. Lastly, the year 11 students were encouraged to write a private prayer in a sticky note and place it upon a basket. Personally, I found the retreat to be a nice change of pace to the usual schedule of the school and due to myself forming a connection with the YMT members, particularly Blaine. I am grateful to Antonine College and YMT for providing this unique and out-of-left field experience. 

      - Carlos, 11A

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