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Year 11 Wellbeing afternoon

Thursday, June 22, 2023

As part of one of their assessments, the VM Personal Development Skills class helped organise the Year 11 Wellbeing afternoon. This involved the planning of activities, sourcing supplies, the running of activities, reflecting on the process and evaluating the event based on collected data. Activities included a Basketball challenge, a Ping Pong Challenge, a Blindfold Drawing Challenge, a Paper Plane Challenge and a Balloon Blow Challenge. This tested the students who had to work as a team to help organise the afternoon and pushed them out of their comfort zone organising their peers. The cohort then came together for a Balloon Break Race, a round of Trivia and the old favourite, Paper Scissors Rock.

According to the data collected via a student survey, the afternoon was a success, it gave the whole Year 11 cohort the opportunity to have a fun afternoon and it gave the VM students the opportunity to apply what they had been learning about leadership and teamwork in the classroom.

It was a great learning opportunity for the group.

- Mrs Maureen Vitetta

‘As a team, the year 11 VM students worked as a team to help organise a wellbeing afternoon for the other year 11 students to help them get together, give them a break, and enjoy their time. The VM students planned the activities, bought supplies, and set up both activities indoors and outdoors. Many students were present for these activities and most students sent positive feedback stating that they had enjoyed the afternoon.’

- Natasha Albazi

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