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Year 12 Great Race

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The Year 12’s had a very successful wellbeing excursion to the city to participate in the Great Race early this month. All the Year 12’s were bussed into the city and we met out Great Race team in Federation square. Students participated in the team building exercise by following a list of clues and challenges and taking video evidence of their exploits.

Students had to complete a puzzle to gain an advantage and an early lead. Armed with maps, students had to navigate the city streets to find specific monuments and complete set tasks to get their team back to Birrarung marr between 11.30 and 12pm. This is where the real test began, another set of challenges and the adding up of scores to crown the eventual winners.

Congratulations to the successful team comprised of Adrian Azzi, William Nawfal, Andre Fatoul, Louis Bagdhan, Ameer Alkichani and Rand Farrouh. A big congratulations to all the students who represented the school and interacted with the public so positively during the race.

A special thank you to Tania Aoun and Peter Commisso who accompanied us on the adventure.

- Mrs Maureen Vitetta

Student response:
The great race was by far the best activity we did this year. For the first time since COVID, the Year 12s as got the chance to travel to the city as a whole year level. When we arrived, we were welcomed by the masters of fun team, divided into 8 groups, and given the instructions.

For the whole duration of the race, we were expected to run around from place to place in the city, jump on trams, take pictures, complete tasks, interact with strangers, sabotage the other teams, and most importantly compete with other teams to finish the biggest number of tasks in the shortest amount of time, all while enjoying the day, and discovering new corners of the city…

- Andre Fatoul Year 12

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