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Year 12 Jacket Presentation

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

We were all thrilled to experience the VCE Jacket Presentation, where we celebrated the hard work and achievements of our graduating students. This special event marked a significant milestone in our academic journey as we prepare to embark on new adventures. The VCE Jacket Presentation was not just about honouring academic excellence but also recognising the dedication, resilience, and growth of each student throughout their high school years. It's a moment of pride for both students and their families.

- Angie Ishi (Paterson House Captain)

During our retreat, we had the opportunity to receive our Year 12 jackets. We were all ecstatic to have finished our school years and felt a sense of accomplishment. It was a big day, full of hope and excitement as we wait to receive our jackets, which serve as a symbol of our academic journey. Wearing our jackets together, we experienced a sense of solidarity and accomplishment to reach this point.

- Angela Nissan (Maroun House Captain)

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