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Year 12 Jacket Presentation

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

On Tuesday 21 February, in our Year 12 Assembly, the Year 12 cohort came together to celebrate what is special about being in Year 12. Ms Bacash welcomed the students and the idea that ‘nothing stands alone, we are one but part of the whole’ was introduced.

The students who achieved an academic award for their 2022 Semester 2 results were celebrated and Ms Cometti, our Senior Teaching and Learning Leader handed each recipient a certificate. Our Year 12 College Captains, Wellbeing and School leaders, Faith and Social Justice leaders and College House Captains were presented to the Year level. A prayer for guidance and integrity was recited to help these individuals in their roles as leaders within our school.

  • College Captains – Amani Alkichani & Nancy Taouk
  • Wellbeing and School Leaders – Andre Fatoul & Rand Farrouh
  • Faith and Social Justice Leaders – Lojain Alsaloum & Emmy Yaekoub
  • Mackillop House Captains – Zaya Zado & Eva Harika
  • Patterson House Captains – Jezelle Gerges & Yasmin Saleh
  • Nassar House Captains – Isabel Mousa & Jawan Younan
  • Maroun House Captains – Layal El Saleh & Cynthia Hanna

Then the moment all the year 12’s had been waiting for since orders were put in last year. All students are called to be leaders in all that they do, in the way they conduct themselves and their interactions with their peers. This is critical in Year 12 when students are role models to the rest of the college students. The Year 12 main theme is ‘Integrity’, we ask students to display integrity in all that they do. Students received the college pin to wear on their uniform, another symbol of belonging to our college community.

The Year 12 jacket is an honour and a privilege to wear, students are expected to uphold all the expectations of the college. The jacket symbolises them being part of the whole. The whole year level while also recognising their individual contribution as each jacket is personalised with their name, this demonstrates that while their VCE journey is an individual one, it is also a journey that they go on with their friends, peers, and teachers. It is a journey that ends their formal educational relationship with the college before they embark on their individual journeys beyond school which is why the Year 12 Jacket has become so symbolic as it is a reminder of the year level to which they belong.

We pray for and encourage all our 2023 Year 12 Students to be leaders amongst their peers and display integrity in all that they do.

- Ms Maureen Vitetta

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