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Year 12 Leaders attending ABC show Q and A

Friday, July 21, 2023

On Wednesday 19th July, 8 Year 12 Leaders had the privilege to partake in a live broadcasting of the ABC show Q and A. This was hosted by ‘Behind the News’ host Amelia Moseley at the ABC television studio in Southbank. Students across a range of different schools in Victoria were able to be a part of the live audience and ask question related to their future. The panellists included a range of different individuals from a variety of diverse backgrounds, including Minister for Youth Anne Ally. It was a once in a lifetime experience, one thoroughly enjoyed by all students as well as myself and Natalie Saliba who were lucky enjoy to sit in another studio and watch our students live from the TV. I thank the following students for their participation in this event, you represented the Antonine College community very well.

  1. Eva Harika
  2. Cynthia Hanna
  3. Zaya Zado
  4. Amani Alkichani
  5. Rand Farrouh
  6. Jawan Younan
  7. Isabel Mousa
  8. Jezelle Gerges

- Miss Isabella Athaide

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