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Year 12 Retreat

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The Year 12 Retreat was held on Tuesday 27th of February, facilitated by the Youth Mission Team. The retreat’s focus was on ‘Self-Image’, with students reflecting on the priceless gift of their individuality, encouraged to embrace the values that make them who they are. In the final session of the retreat, students reflected on the unconditional love of God and were invited to grow into a deeper relationship with Him, who waits patiently and has the door open ready to embrace them. Thank you to the YMT, all teachers involved, and of course, our wonderful senior students for their participation throughout the day.

- Ms Natalie Saliba

    ‘On Tuesday the 27th of February, the Year 12 students experienced a retreat day with the Youth Mission Team Melbourne on the topic of ‘Self-Image’. The retreat's main goal was to expose us to group activities, games, and performances that would strengthen our faith and teach us the value of self-image in many contexts. We had the chance to participate in a number of activities, each of which delivered an important message. Themes such as self-worth, our different perspectives of self-image, God's love for us, the idea of listening to God's voice instead of the voice of the world, and many more topics were covered in a variety of brief performances, talks, and activities that we had the opportunity to see. The Year 12 students enjoyed this wonderful day where we had time to think about our lives and our connection to God, be a part of fun activities, performances, and discussions, as well as have a group prayer in silence.’

    • Angela Nissan, 12B.

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