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Year 12 VM Literacy Port Melbourne Excursion

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

On March 15 the Year 12 Vocational Model (VM) students travelled to Lorimer Street Port Melbourne to find out what jobs were available within the Port operations. We had an excellent presentation and a tour of the Port. Here are some of the things we learnt:

  • 50 tonnes of coffee a day is unloaded and distributed
  • 1000 cars are unloaded every day
  • There is only a 2-metre clearance when the largest ship travels under the Westgate Bridge
  • There is a person responsible for managing the path of this big ship who must manage tides, wind, squat factor and so many variables to ensure safe passage
  • There are computer operated cranes that unload some of the biggest ships and person-operated cranes to unload other ships
  • The channels the ships traverse into the Port are 18 metres deep but are quite narrow meaning big ships unload at the external Port with the computerised cranes
  • There are many work opportunities available – at Port Melbourne Head Office there are 140 employees who manage the Leasehold (purchased for $9 billion for the next 50 years)
  • On site runs 24 hours a day with the workers completing one of three 8-hour shifts for four days with a three-day break
  • There is a job to drive cars imported from overseas off the boats

- Ms Ria Coffey

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