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Year 2 Gardening

Monday, August 21, 2023

This term, Year 2A have been planting vegetables in our vegetable garden. This week we made and ate a salad with the lettuce from our garden. The children recorded their experience.

On Wednesday we experienced picking lettuce from the vegetable garden. When we went home, Mrs Anna cleaned the lettuce. The next day we went to the kitchen and chopped the lettuce. We put oil and salt on the lettuce. We ate the salad and a piece of bread with butter.

It was so yummy and it was the best.

When we were done we all packed up.

By Noah and Antonio

We went to our garden to pick lettuce and take photos. Mrs Anna took the lettuce home that night to wash it. On Thursday we went to the kitchen and chopped up the lettuce. After we chopped up the lettuce Mrs Anna put salt and oil on it.

After that, Mrs Anna mixed up all the salad and put some in each bowl for us. We ate the salad with bread and butter.

Then we cleaned up the floor and washed the bowls. Then we went back to our class to do our work. At the kitchen we felt happy and excited. It was so yummy.

By Miriam and Jonathan

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