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Year 3A Inquiry - Vegie Patch

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

As part of their Inquiry unit on living things, food chains and life cycles, the students in 3A have been using the school vegetable patch to sow, grow and harvest a range of fresh and tasty salad vegetables. On Thursday 30 May, it was time to use our harvested vegetables to make a healthy couscous salad. Thank you to Mrs Pascale Kanati and Mrs Hiba Diab for their expertise and assistance in helping the students prepare the vegetables and make the salad.

Student Reflection:

On 30/5/24, we went to the garden to pick our vegetables for us to make couscous salad. We picked out lettuce, rocket, radish. We went to the food tech room. We got tomatoes, cucumber and couscous. We chopped and washed everything. I learnt that you don’t eat the bottom of parsley.

- Chris M

Last Thursday, 3A made a couscous salad. We harvested all the vegetables from the school garden. We picked lettuce, rocket, radish and parsley. After, we came back and made couscous salad. It was yum!!

- Jasmine M

First, we went down to the garden to pick some vegies like lettuce, rocket, radish. We just bought cucumbers and tomatoes. I learnt how to cook couscous salad. I had a great time.

- Natalia K

3A and I went to the garden to get lettuce, rocket and radish. We came back to the food tech room, and we started to wash and chop. Then we ate. I learnt how to harvest and chop better. How did I feel? Scared because I thought I would mess it up.

- Alex E

Thursday, 30 May we went to the garden and out some vegies like cucumber, lettuce, radish and more. I learnt how to make couscous salad and how the steps go. I felt so good and felt it was great.

- Celine D

- Mr Gavan Kelly

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