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Year 4 Science Incursion

Tuesday, June 04, 2024

On Tuesday 4th of June Year 4A and 4B attended an incursion from “Mad about Science”. Students have been learning about natural disasters throughout the term and Mad about Science provided a great learning experience for the students. Students learnt about how natural disasters affect us locally in Australia and across different parts of the world. Students engaged in a range of experiments that included: creating a blizzard with snow powder, using a Seismograph model and creating a hurricane and tornado in a bottle.

Student reflection:

At the incursion we were learning about natural disasters and I enjoyed making snow. We used a special powder and put it on the palms of our hands and then we poured some water onto it. The powder expanded and turned into snow.

- Marita Maarawi

I liked making snow and using a water bottle filled with glitter to make a tornado. I spun the water bottle around and around until it formed a tornado.

- Milad Zakkour

I loved it when the teacher lit up a teabag and it started to fly. It was very cool. I also enjoyed making snow from the instant snow powder bag. This is the powder you find inside nappies. At the end she put rubbing alcohol inside a big plastic bottle, she pumped it with air about five times and then inside the bottle was fog.

- Maria Essey

I learnt that a seismograph is used to see if there are any earthquakes that are going to happen. I also did an experiment where we mixed food colouring with hot and cold water to see which one would mix together faster. It was the hot water that mixed the quickest. By Lawrence Matti

We made a mini tsunami using a test tube filled up with water. We then added a “tablet” to the water and put a cork in the bottle. From the pressure inside the bottle – the carbon dioxide, made the cork pop and made a mini tsunami.

- Charbel Yonan

I absolutely loved the incursion and the experiments. I learnt about the seismograph which is an instrument used to record the motion of the ground during an earthquake.

- Layla Kahla

- Mrs Chantelle Luciani

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