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Year 4 St Oliver's excursion

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

On Tuesday the 18th of June the year 4 students went to St Oliver’s Primary School in Pascoe Vale to view their Stem/Art Showcase. The children were able to walk around the exhibition and view the models made by the students who invented different solutions to world problems.

For example, one group invented a Super Safe Surfboard that comes back to you if you fall off in the water and lose it. Another model was an anxiety bracelet and watch that when worn you can alert your teacher that you are feeling uncomfortable. Also, there was a Land Mine Detector that is worn on your leg. When it beeps a lot you will know that a land mine is close.

The students commented that the whole exhibition was interesting and lots of fun. We saw many different inventions and were happy to see Mr Symons.

Congratulations to Mr Symons and his students for this wonderful event and also for winning the National Stem Competition.

- Ms Anna Stradiot-Gatto, Chantelle Gauci and Mr Corrado Blanco

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