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Year 5-8 Swimming Carnival

Friday, February 16, 2024

On Friday 16th February, the Coburg Olympic Pool was abuzz with excitement as students from both Cedar and St Joseph Campuses, Years 5 to 8, gathered for a thrilling swimming carnival. With the weather cooperating beautifully, the stage was set for an epic day of aquatic fun.

From Freestyle to water volleyball, the pool was alive with the sounds of splashing and cheering. Students showcased their skills in a series of races and challenges, pushing themselves to new heights supporting one another every step of the way. Whether they were racing in the water or cheering from the sidelines, every participant played a part in making the day special.

A huge congratulations to Nassar House for their outstanding performance, emerging as the winners of the event! But regardless of the results, every participant should feel proud of their efforts and contributions.

Thank you to everyone who made the day possible, from the organizers to the participants and everyone who supported them. Looking forward to another successful event next year.

- Mr Hayden Wyllie

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