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Year 5 Bookmarks

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Celebrating Creation, Literacy… and Fathers!

Year 5 students have been gardening this term, and made the decision to put flowers as well as vegetables in the garden. It has been lovely to have the colourful flowers cheer us up through winter, and we have continued to enjoy them into spring. As we entered the Season of Creation in September, the students picked some of the flowers and dried them, neatly folded in our classroom bibles. This was a nice reminder to students that the bible is filled with verses about caring for God’s creation, and that we should be grateful and rejoice in the beauty of our environment.

At the same time as we celebrated the Season of Creation, students also celebrated Book Week and prepared to celebrate Father’s Day. This was a perfect opportunity to turn our dried flowers into beautiful bookmarks, which many of the students chose to create as Father’s Day gifts. We encourage all members of the Antonine College community to continue enjoying nature’s gifts and quiet moments with a book through all the seasons of the year.

- Ms Mori Milholland

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