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Year 5 Food Technology

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Every term, the vegetable gardens at Cedar Campus are looked after by a different year level. Year 5 were in charge of gardening the rear gardens (near the oval) last term, but since it took the produce a while to grow, we came back this term to harvest the spinach. It had grown so much, and it looked delicious! Last Friday, 9th of November, we picked all the green leaves and tidied up the garden beds for the Year 6 students, ensuring they can use them to plant something else. Then we took the leaves to the Food Tech kitchen and gave them a good wash. We chopped the leaves into bite-size pieces and cooked them down with some onion and garlic for added flavour. Then after leaving the mixture to cool, we came back and used puff pastry to make spanakopita: delicious spinach and fetta cheese pastries! They were easy to make, delicious and very healthy. Best of all, we were proud to have grown and cooked our own meal.

- Ms Mori Milholland

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