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Year 5 Marketplace

Thursday, October 19, 2023

On Thursday, 14th September, the Year 5 students wrapped up their unit on Economics in a very exciting way: the Year 5 Marketplace! They had already learned about producers and consumers, goods and services, supply and demand, and how prices are set… so now it was time to practice it for themselves. In the two weeks leading up to the Marketplace event, students thought about what their classmates might need and want and what skills they would have to offer, and they used these ideas to come up with a business. Some made products (e.g. bracelets, bookmarks) and a few provided services (e.g. entertainment or hairstyling). Finally it was time for the actual Marketplace. Students set up attractive shops and posted price lists. Students were each given $50 of play money, to spend on any products or services they liked. Even teachers came to shop! While some students spent all their money, some students made a profit. Special congratulations to Jennifer and Rachelle, who each ended up with over $200!

Well done to all the Year 5 students for excellent creativity and for showing their knowledge of economics through this fun event.

- Ms Mori Milholland

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