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Year 5 MAV Games Day

Monday, August 21, 2023

On Friday the 11th of July, eight Year 5 students had the opportunity to represent our school at the Mathematical Association of Victoria (MAV) Statewide Games Day at Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School (PEGS). Each of the MAV Games Days are different, but all focus on problem-solving, challenge and fun. Our two teams completed an hour of collaborative problem-solving in the morning, racing through challenging booklets as the clock counted down. After the first break, it was time for the most distinctive feature of the Year 5 Games Day: automatic recall races.

Two maths teachers from PEGS stood at the front and all of the students lined up in pairs, beside someone from another school. The teachers called out questions (e.g. How much do I need to add to 43 to get 100? Or Today is Friday; what day was it 10 days ago?) and the first student to call out the answer would stay in to the next round. The questions got faster and harder, and we were especially proud of Rachelle, who remained in the second-final round!

After the second break, students participated in probability games in which they had to not only guess which colour teddy or which suit of card would be drawn next, but also had to think about their reasoning for making these predictions. Michael and Crystal both made brave choices and ended up being the only student remaining at their predicted choice. Michael was unlucky in his prediction, but Crystal won her team a spot prize of some mathematical footy cards!

All participating students had a great time and came home exhausted from so much thinking. We are very proud of all of them for representing Antonine College so well, and look forward to hearing how our Year 6s go in their upcoming Games Day in September.

- Ms Mori Milholland

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