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Year 5 Media Arts – Podcasting

Thursday, October 19, 2023

After studying Dance, Visual Arts and Drama earlier in the year, Year 5 students started their new Arts unit for Term 4: Media Arts. First they had to figure out what this art form is, and they learned that media arts create or share a message using media or technology, for example in movies, animation or Powerpoint presentations.

A form of media arts that many students hadn’t thought of before was podcasts, and they will spend the rest of the term learning about them and producing their own. On Monday, 16th October, an educator from SYN Media came to Cedar Campus with a mobile recording studio to teach Year 5 students about podcasts. Did you know that anyone can record a podcast about a topic they are interested in? There are plenty of great podcasts made for kids… or even by kids!

Students planned and recorded their first practice podcast using SYN Media’s recording equipment and were confident and engaging. Towards the end of the term, all Year 5 students will travel to SYN Media’s studios at RMIT in the city to record a podcast about space, science and aviation. Stay tuned to hear more!

- Ms Mori Milholland

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