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Year 6 SRC Leadership Day

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

This year, our Year 6 leaders ventured off to the Melbourne Convention Centre for their visit to the National Young Leaders Day. It is an annual event, which is organised by the Halogen Foundation to develop strong leadership values amongst young students all over Australia.

With approximately 4000 students there on the day, the program consisted of guest speakers such as Candy Hertz, Amanda Johnstone, Nazeem Hussain and Robert ‘Dipper’ Dipierdomenico. Our future leaders were provided with the opportunity to learn from others, network and enhance their existing leadership skills.

I hope that this shared experience will inspire our current leaders of the Cedar Campus as well as our future leaders, to demonstrate leadership within our school and also be instrumental in taking action to improve our local communities. We are looking forward to next year’s event with great anticipation.

- Mr Hayden Wyllie

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