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Year 7 Retreat

Monday, March 27, 2023

The Year 7 Retreat was held on Monday 27th of March, which focused on the Year 7 theme of identity and its connection to our faith. The retreat consisted of activities, discussions, and opportunities for reflection. At the end of the day, students participated in a prayer service on the Stations of the Cross. Thank you to the Year 7 RE/PC teachers for facilitating the sessions and to all Year 7 students for getting involved in all activities.

“The retreat was a very calm experience because we got the whole day to focus on our relationship with God. One activity that I really enjoyed was the bracelet making because it was a calm space. I also enjoyed hanging out with my house group. The activities with the different saints was very educational and inspiring to find out how people can be so brave and loving. There was one person who inspired me. His name was Ayyub. He inspired me because he gave his life to save others from a bomb. It inspired me because it showed bravery and courage, and it has inspired me to live my life in a similar way.”

  • Emanuella Isaac, 7 Paterson

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