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Year 7 Retreat

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Year 7 Retreat

On Tuesday 20th of February, the Year 7 students participated in the Year 7 Retreat, held at Our Lady of Lebanon’s Youth Centre. Students began the day with a Year 7 Liturgy, celebrated by Monsignor Joe, before participating in different sessions led by their Religious Education Teacher. The retreat focused on their year level of identity, encouraging students to reflect on how they can be their authentic self in the world, seeking to live a life of holiness in responding to God’s calling in their life.

Thank you to Monsignor Joe for celebrating the liturgy and Sister Rita for being with the Year 7 students throughout the day. Thank you to Ms Indira Natoli, Ms Christiane Nasr and Mr Daniel Saliba for leading the retreat sessions. It was a wonderful day and a highlight for the Year 7 students in their first term at St Joseph’s Campus.

- Ms Natalie Saliba

    Student Reflection

    ‘My classmates and I went to a wonderful Church, known as Our Lady of Lebanon. We learnt many new and interesting things and participated in fun activities such as drawing leaves and writing our future goals which have an impact on others, such as fixing teeth as an Orthodontist. We then wrote a letter to someone who has inspired us to be who we are today and created masks reflecting on how people perceive us on the outside and our own perspective on the inside. After break, we continued with the fun activities, like making bracelets with beads representing something that made us unique. I loved the time that we assembled in a circle and spoke about the life of saints and how they became saints. I loved this retreat and thank all the teachers that made this extraordinary event happen, as it took hard work. I appreciate this opportunity. Thanks again’

    - Peter Alzwahra, 7A

    ‘On Tuesday 20th of February, all the Year 7 students went to Our Lady of Lebanon Youth Centre. We did activities all day such as writing thank you letters to someone who has inspired us to be ourselves and wrote on the outside of a mask what people thought of us and on the inside, how we see ourselves. We also made bracelets with five beads, each representing something different. In a circle, we spoke about the lives of different saints and how they became a saint. The retreat was so fun. I enjoyed it so much and I bet all the other Year 7 students enjoyed it as well. I learnt new things about other people and their life story. My favourite part of the day was when we made the bracelets and the breaks that we had.

    - Ella Azzi, 7A

    On the 20th of February, the Year 7s went on a spiritual retreat to Our Lady of Lebanon. We did lots of activities such as writing goals on a leaf and had many discussions, talking about how we act in front of different people. We wrote letters to people we trust and made bracelets with the beads representing something about us. I enjoyed the retreat. It was a calm and spiritual day. We got to say how we felt at school and out of school. My favourite part was making the bracelets with my classmates.

    - Michelle Hanna, 7C

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