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Year 8 Camp

Monday, March 06, 2023

Year 8 students boarded the bus to Coastal Forest Lodge Anglesea. The students were in high spirits as they took part in their first activity of camp – Tree Surfing. Students faced their fears and challenged themselves both mentally and physically as they climbed their way through the range of obstacles up high. Students arrived at the campsite and went straight to feeding the farm animals – sheep, lamas, and horses. That night saw the students complete a night walk.

On day 2, the Year 8s put on their wetsuits, ready to tackle a day on the water. Students participated in surfing, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. Many students stating that this was the highlight of their camp. Special shout out to Joshua Gerges and Lucas Shamoon who became pro-surfers by the end of their first session. Later that night students participated in a hoedown where they learnt some folk dancing.

The final day was a 7km hike to the location of the Ash Wednesday bushfire in 1983. Students were educated about purpose of the man-made waterways and how land management practices are now put in place to reduce bushfires.

Thank you to all the staff that helped out and for their commitment to making Year 8 camp a memory our students will never forget!

- Ms Ayesha Guido

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