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Year 9-10 Boys AFL Tournament

Friday, August 25, 2023

On Tuesday 25th of July the Year 9-10 Boys put on their Antonine jerseys and made us proud!

The Boys competed in the SACCSS AFL Tournament, where they showed an amazing effort against 4 different schools. A big shout out to Ms Hartnup for coaching the team with the help of Shaban Mouhamad, a year 12 student who has shown great enthusiasm and initiative in our interschool sports. Lead by Captains, Gabriel Mohammed and Parlo Elisha as our captains, the boys worked together extremely well and guided each other through every match. The team won their first two games with ease, and although losing their last two, put up a fierce front and didn’t give up.

We thank all the boys who represented our school on this day!

  • Jacob Obeid
  • Parlo Elisha
  • Mark issa
  • Rabie Mohammed
  • Gabby Mohammed
  • Christian Elsheikh
  • Milano Zea
  • Mansoor Haidar
  • Raymond Hadchiti
    Yashub Thadani
  • Esa Ibrahim
  • Jamil Majzoub
  • Nicholas Kyriakos
  • Adam Samie
  • Nicholas Toma
  • Joseph Haddad
  • Robin Tabet
  • Ali El Saleh
  • Moukdad Saleh
  • Ibrahim Abou-Habib
  • Antonio Hamwi
  • Fabio Yousif
  • Jemi Adolski
  • Anthony Abou Zeid
  • Seraj Slim
  • Zayn El Ali

- Ms Mikayla Sala

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