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Year 9-10 Girls AFL Tournament

Friday, August 25, 2023

On the 3rd of August 11, our year 9-10 girls participated in a round robin tournament in Wyndham Vale. Coached by Mr Lattouf, the girls had the opportunity to compete against 4 other schools. Although being unsuccessful in their first 3 games, the girls didn’t give up and won their very last game with almost a 30-point lead!

The girls showed resilience throughout the day, encouraging each other, and making the most of their day. We thank our co-captains Gabriella Tawil and Isabella Chahda, who modeled outstanding determination and leadership for the rest of the team. We also thank Isabel Mousa, a Year 12 student, who came along to help motivate our team and did a fantastic job!

We are so proud of all our students who participate in these external sporting events as they give their all to every sport, no matter what.

  • Monique Dayoub
  • Rema Hassan
  • Chloe Mouhamad
  • Sandra El Tawil
  • Alena Younis
  • Isabella Isaac
  • Larisa Kyriakos
  • Isabella Chahda
  • Joelle Sleiman
  • Gabriela Tawil
  • Nisseren Saleh
  • Gabriela Greige
  • Jenevieve Tannous
  • Angela Yousif
  • Helene Ishac
  • Lida Zomaya
  • Jacinta Hakim
  • Annabelle Abboud
  • Iana Farah

- Ms Mikayla Sala

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