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Year 9 Fit for Life Excursion

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

A component of the Year 9 Elective class, Fit for Life, required students to teach a skill required for a sport, and then to execute the skill as a drill in a live school setting. The year 9’s got the opportunity to teach the students in grade three at the Cedar Campus.

The students chose skills required in basketball, tennis and soccer and happily taught the grade three students the skills required to shoot a goal, dribble a ball, bounce a ball on a racquet and defend a player on the court. Both grade nine and grade three students enjoyed lesson and learned all the skills required for each sport.

This was a valuable learning experience for year 9 and proved to be a success. Students excelled at the task and were able to reflect on their learning, as well as the challenges that they faced when teaching a drill in a primary school setting.

- Ms Diane Farah

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