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Year 9 Production - Aladdin

Monday, November 20, 2023

Throughout terms 3 and 4, all year 9 students worked towards our annual production. On Thursday the 16th of November students had three performances of their show, ‘Aladdin’. Our talented Year 9 students poured their hearts and souls into this show, and it was great to see the cohort come together for this performance. All year 9 students were involved through their art elective classes of drama, music, dance and fashion and technology. They worked tirelessly on their acting, learning the music, dancing, and the intricate process of crafting the set, costumes, and props. Their dedication and enthusiasm throughout the rehearsal and performance process lead to a truly magical show. The year 9 cohort had two daytime shows for students in year 5-8 and an evening performance for families. It was great to see all students come together to work on such a special performance. A big thank you to all our production teachers and students for all your work this year.

Being able to work on the production ‘Aladdin’ has been such an honour. Not only have we been able to put on a great show, but we have been able to grow our relationships in class and have gotten to know our classmates on a deeper level. Overall, it’s been a wonderful experience and one that will forever be remembered by all.

- Doreen Farah (Drama)

I have enjoyed seeing the show come together through our hard work and dedication towards the performance. The atmosphere has welcomed all to express themselves through the characters. The overall experience will always be remembered and cherished by the cast.

- Hannibal Diab (Drama)

On November 16th, all year nine students had the amazing opportunity to participate in the 'Aladdin' production. It was so fun to collaborate with my fashion class to create the costumes and props for the show during the semester. Watching the show unfold with the effort of our cast, dancers, designers, musicians and of-course teachers was unforgettable. It was great being with my grade after school and putting on a show of a lifetime! Overall, the experience was one to remember.

- Giseille Antoun (Fashion and Technology)

For the Year 9 2023 production, Aladdin, the fashion class was responsible for making all outfits and props that appeared on stage. We came up with creative ideas and tactics to be able to construct things ranging from magic carpets to full costumes. Our group worked amazingly and cooperatively together and was always prepared for any obstacles. The best aspect of our creation was that we got to have free will on any ideas we had and anything we wanted to make. Thank you to Mrs Pelech, nothing would have been possible without you!

- Angelina Saade (Fashion and Technology)

The Year 9 Aladdin production was an exhilarating experience that seamlessly blended fun and camaraderie. Collaborating on this theatrical endeavor not only showcased our creative talents but also forged strong connections with our classmates. The shared excitement during rehearsals and the adrenaline of the actual performance created a unique bond among us. Whether we were perfecting our lines, choreographing dance routines, or constructing vibrant set pieces, every moment contributed to a collective sense of accomplishment and joy. The production not only showcased our diverse talents but also uncovered hidden facets of each participant. It was more than a play; it was a journey that strengthened friendships and built enduring connections within our class.

- Monique Dayoub (Dance)

- Ms Indira Natoli

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