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Year 9 Retreat

Thursday, September 07, 2023

On Tuesday the 28th of August, Year 9 students participated in the Year 9 Retreat which was facilitated by Religious Education staff. Thank you to all staff and students for a wonderful day. A special thank you to College Alumni, Tony Assi, who was our guest speaker on the day. Tony spoke to our students about overcoming challenges with resilience and about his own faith journey throughout his life. We thank Tony for the time he spent with our students and the advice he shared.

‘Last Tuesday was the Year 9 Retreat, which was a wonderful opportunity for students to take part in. The retreats gave me the opportunity to strengthen my relationship with God and with people I wouldn’t typically talk to. The retreat helped me to change the way that I look at myself, and to think of myself in a more positive way. I learned that the eyes of the Lord look at us with beauty and with affection. By the end of the retreat, I had developed a greater connection with others and a stronger connection with God through the prayers, discussions, and activities that we did. I am appreciative of the opportunity to participate in the Year 9 Retreat, which has been helpful in my growth as a Christian and my friendship with my classmates.’

  • Annabelle Mansour, 9B.

‘I think that the Year 9 Retreat was an amazing experience for us to be able to share our thoughts and be able to communicate with others about our personal wellbeing. The Year 9 Retreat was very inspirational because there was an inspirational speaker talking to us about something that occurred in his life. Through the Year 9 Retreat, it has made me more resilient and braver.’

- Miss Natalie Saliba

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