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Year 9 Semester One Awards

Friday, July 21, 2023

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During our Year 9 assembly this week we were able to recognise a group of high achieving students. These special awards are awarded to students across the college who have been able to maintain a subject average of 80% or higher in every single subject, for our year 9 students that means an 80% average for 10 subjects. A truly commendable effort and I congratulate the follow students for receiving this award for semester 1:

  1. Isabelle Hanna
  2. Angelina Saade
  3. Angelina Chahine
  4. Sally Alnakoula
  5. Hannibal Diab
  6. Isabella Isaac
  7. Nancy Toma
  8. Natasha Nissan
  9. Giseille Antoun
  10. Larisa Kyriakous
  11. Charbel Maroun
  12. Ghazal Almaari

- Miss Isabella Athaide

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